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Revit Fundamentals

These articles focus on the key fundamental aspects of Revit. They are more about the "bigger picture", rather than the fine detail. Revit works in a completely different way to "traditional" 2D CAD systems. Getting the best out of the software depends upon both understanding the differences and then taking advantage of them.

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1 A Coordinated Approach 15986
2 Are your Levels Black or Blue? 14673
3 Dependent Views explained 75656
4 Design Options: An Introduction 95741
5 Design Options: Choosing a preferred Option 19505
6 Grids 90945
7 Levels and Views 148134
8 Phases: An overview of Revit Phases 98150
9 Project North versus True North 89876
10 Rooms: A basic introduction 60374
11 Rooms: Room Separation Lines 19480
12 Rooms: The Room Bounding Parameter 43584
13 Sheet Sets 32308
14 View Range explained 175782
15 Views: Duplicating Views 55510
16 You do the modelling: Let Revit do the drawing! 19964