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New article: An introduction to Revit Ceilings

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In this article we take an introductory look at how Revit handles Ceilings. We discuss how they are defined, how they are controlled by their surrounding geometry and even how sloped ceilings are created.

So if you're new to Ceilings in Revit, check out the entire article here. As always, the revit.biz Forums are here to help in answering any questions you may have as you go through the article.


The Revit Clinic: 5 Curtain Wall Tips

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For all you Curtain Wall fans out there, The Revit Clinic has just prescribed 5 really useful Tips.....

1.  Curtain Grid Type Association

Highlighting a curtain grid and selecting Unpin will automatically change the Type Association setting to Independent.  You can save a few clicks using the Unpin tool instead.

To read the other 4 Tipes, click here


BIM Troublemaker: Thick and Juicy Fun with Curtain Panels

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This time around the BIM Troublemaker is making trouble for Revit's Curtain Panels. 'Bored with straight runs of curtain Panels? Let the BIM Troublemaker show you what you can really do with them!

Read the entire article here


Revit in plain english: Curtain Wall Glass Corner - No Corner Mullion

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From the Revit in plain english blog.....

"You may have noticed that Revit curtain wall corners don't trim or clean up very well. While you are able to replace the end mullions with one of the corner mullions there is still no option for a glass butt-joint panel. So there's a workaround..."

Read the entire article here


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We're all busy these days. And there's just so much information to consume! If you'd like to get the latest revit.biz headlines by Syndication, you'll be glad to see that we've added an RSS 2.0 Feed to the Home Page


The link to the RSS 2.0 Feed is located on the left hand side, right at the bottom of the home page. Enjoy!


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