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The Revit Clinic: Revit to Navisworks and Convert Element Properties

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The Revit Clinic has a good post today on exporting elements from Revit into Navisworks

If Navisworks is a programme you use and you need this interoperability with Revit, check out the post here


Do U Revit: Revit Families- To Split or Not to Split

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The excellent Do U Revit blog has a really interesting feature on adding multiple materials to your Revit Families, without additing additional geometry.

"Materials can be applied many different ways in Revit families, directly to the geometry, by category and even with a parameter but that is not all. One of my favorites is combining multiple tools to create an inlay effect without additional geometry. The key to accomplishing this is using the split face tool along with the paint tool......"

Read the entire article here


Revit Rocks: Add Sheet Counter to Revit Title Block

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Greg (of Revit Rocks and CadClips fame) has a great free video for you, showing you how to add a sheet counter parameter to your Revit Title Blocks

" REVIT does not come installed with a title block family parameter that displays how many sheets are in a sheet set. In fact REVIT doesn't have sheet sets. Some people prefer to display the total number of sheets in a set as the '15' displays above. In the 3 CADclips below you are first introduce to the completed title block family in a project then we start from scratch and show you how to build it yourself."

Check out the full post and videos here


Looking to PDF from "inside" Revit?

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If you'd like the ability to seamlessly create PDF's from within the Revit environment, you are now in luck! Bluebeam software now has a plugin for Revit that does just that

"This plug-in is pretty robust. You can get a great output from the default settings, but can also configure it to your heart’s desire by adjusting several file conversion options to select sheets, add bookmarks, hyperlinks, PDF security, text stamps and so much more."

Many thanks to Gregory Arkin over at Revit3D.com  for the heads-up on this one

Click here to get all the details from Bluebeam software


AECBytes: BIM and the Cloud

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I think most people have heard of the term "Cloud Computing" or "The Cloud" by now, probably in the context of personal computing (think Google, DropBox, etc). But what about putting high-performance graphic workstations up into the Cloud? The AECBytes website has an article on how one firm (Little Diversified Architectural Consulting) is doing just that.

"In general, most of the current discussion around cloud computing has been dealing with the servers (or back-end systems).  Only recently have businesses begun to put their desktops and workstations into the cloud. Little’s cloud is the first AEC workstation cloud in production and is on track to reduce our workstation and laptop hardware expense by 67% ($2M) over the next 10 years"

Click here to read the entire article


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