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New article published: Parameter Power!

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If you're trying to get you head around parameters within Revit, you are in luck. I'm currently in the process of bringing over all the articles from Revit Zone to revit.biz. And on today's menu we have a large serving of Parameter info!

In this article I look at creating a simple custom component family that utilises length parameters to add flexibility to it.

Check out the whole article here


Revit TotD: Save the trees, use DWF Markups!

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Now I like this one. I really like this one! I have been a big fan of DWF markups in Revit for a while now. It just seems such a natural thing to do. So when I came across this excellent guide over at the Revit TotD (Tip of the Day) site, I just had to post a link.

Anything that saves paper and improves productivity / efficiency has to be a good thing- doesn't it?

Check out the full article here


BuildZ: Making a cable stayed bridge in Revit

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Zack Chron's wonderful BuildZ blog has some great content on various ways of pushing Revit when it comes to complex 3D geometry. His latest offeirng looks at "using divided surfaces for complex arrays".

To explemplify what Zack is talking about, he creates a model of a cable stayed bridge.

Check out the entire article here


Revit Clinic: 3 More Revit Rendering Tips

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One of my favourite Revit Blogs, The Revit Clinic; has just posted an additional 3 handy tips for anyone interested in the rendering process.

The original 10 Rendering Tips article can be found here. And the 3 additional tips are here


Revit in Motion: Making a parametric family for a catenary arch

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If you are ready to really have your mind blown, check out Oliver's (of Revit in Motion fame) post on creating a catenary arch in Revit.

I'm afraid Oliver lost me after the few lines. But if you're into this sort of thing check out Oliver's tutorial here


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