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3D Modelling

The majority of your work within Revit will be focused around the creation (and editing) of 3D elements. This series of articles concentrates on the various 3D elements available to you such as walls, windows, doors, stairs, ceilings, etc.

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1 Ceilings: An introduction to Revit Ceilings 101880
2 Curtain Walls: A basic introduction 150086
3 Model Text: An introduction 29856
4 Modelling flat roofs that are not quite flat 19044
5 Openings: By Face 13423
6 Openings: Dormer 14647
7 Roofs: Roof by Extrusion 25138
8 Roofs: Using Slope Arrows 39233
9 Stairs: A basic introduction 62175
10 Topography: Creating a basic Topo Surface 86063
11 Wall Wraps and Wall Closures 39575
12 Walls: A basic introduction 68341
13 Walls: Applying Functions to Compound Layers 34783
14 Walls: Editing the Profile 20931
15 Walls: Embedded Walls 28220
16 Walls: Extending individual layers 31160
17 Walls: Stacked Walls 35788